Tips for taking photos while traveling

With the world embracing technology and modern ways of storing memories and events, photography has become vital to nearly all travelers and tourists. Social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have become everyday diaries, replacing manual diaries. Knowing how to snap that killer photo in your most coveted travel place before commencing on your journey is very important. Here are some tips on getting the most liked photo on your timeline. Article topic inspired by my friend at Rx Catering in Little Rock, he is always shooting pictures wherever he goes.

Bring accessories, do not forget to pack your camera accessories, these are things like a USB charger for digital cameras, batteries, lenses, a power bank, and a stand. Keep an inventory for all the gadgets and tick against them as you put them in your backpack as they are easier to access. Do not carry a lot of gadgets like a movie producer, instead carry only the essentials.

Use the phone camera; do not underestimate the ability of your phone camera to snap quality photographs. With some advanced phones, you don’t have to invest in a camera, your phone is enough, all you have to possess is a power bank to ensure that your phone battery does not drain off completely.

Know the angles; it is advisable to try out new angles while taking photos. This gives your photos a little adventure and uniqueness. This can be achieved through trying to take photos through different views, for example, a worm view, or a panoramic view, instead of the normal horizontal photos.

Take advantage of the golden hour, this is the hour before sunrise or sunset when photos tend to appear brighter without shadows and with even lighting. You should take advantage of this time and wake up earlier or visiting potential photo areas later in the day.

Protect your gadgets from theft, do not travel flashing your expensive camera or devices, especially when visiting the third world countries. You might get mugged especially when traveling alone. You should also consider insuring your gadgets against theft and mugging.

Keep your camera close; you do not know when that award-winning moment will come your way. It is advisable to keep your camera close. You waste a lot of time rummaging through your bags in search of your camera. You should keep your camera open and ready to take a snap at any moment when exploring. You should not let your camera hinder you from enjoying the moment.  

Use manual settings, being able to manually operate your camera settings will come as an advantage as you can change it to.

Take advantage of the two-thirds rule, this is where you make use of gridlines on your screen, to adjust your image such that it fits in two-thirds of the grids. this helps to emphasize an object of focus making the image interesting.

Take time to always live the moment, instead of having your camera always on the peephole, ready to snap that perfect picture. …

Traveling from Istanbul to Trabzon

Travel between Turkish cities

The total area of ​​the Turkish Republic is 783,562 km², and there are many cities that enjoy its picturesque nature, including the cities of Trabzon and Istanbul, which is the largest city in it. There are many popular restaurants, cafes, and tourist areas, such as Ottoman mosques, Trabzon enjoys the beauty of nature and picturesque countryside, and the presence of water lakes surrounded by mountains on each side.

Many tourist programs force the tourist to visit only one area because of the distance between the regions, so we devoted this article to present the most important ways and information to know when traveling from Istanbul to Trabzon.

Travel from Istanbul to Trabzon

Trabzon is a distance of sixty-nine kilometers from Istanbul, which is a very long distance and does not link these two cities by rail, so there are only three ways to reach it, either by plane, or by car, or by bus, and here is a simple explanation for each means of transport:

  • Tickets are booked in advance from Ataturk Airport to flights to Trabzon. Domestic flights do not cost much. The journey lasts three hours and eighteen minutes.
  • Car can be rented with or without the driver, prices vary if a car is rented with a driver and according to the time the driver will spend with the tourist on arrival in Trabzon and take him to tourist places, and can only hire the car, and request a tourist guide when visiting areas The journey takes sixteen hours and forty-two minutes in case the speed of the car is sixty-four kilometers per hour, and thirteen hours and twenty-two minutes in case the speed of the car is eight. The cost of the trip from one hundred and eighty dollars to two hundred and sixty dollars, it is worth mentioning that the famous tourist area Uzungöl in Trabzon is 100 kilometers away.
  • There are private buses that go on regular trips to Trabzon and are booked in advance. The trip costs between $ 27 to $ 42. The journey lasts for eighteen hours and fifty-two minutes, which is a long and tiring time. It is easier to drive by bus, because the scenic distance from Istanbul to Trabzon is not to be missed, and there are short breaks to eat.

Checklist before you start your travel

You are really looking forward to starting your travel experience. But, before you can enjoy your holiday, you should make sure that you have done everything. There are a couple of things that you should do before you are traveling overseas. To ensure that you are able to visit the foreign country and to make sure that you don’t forget to do something. These are the top three things that you should check before you travel experience can start.

Are your passport and visa up to date?

This is the first thing that you should check. Even before you are making your overseas bookings. You can’t go anywhere without your passport is up to date. Maybe it should be renewed or you should apply for one. This should be done way ahead of time.

To visit some countries, you might need a visa as well. You should check if you need a visa and should make sure that you are applying for one if needed. It should be up to date and ready in hand, before your flight date. 

Are your flight ticket correct and you have it ready?

Yes, you might have made your flight booking online, months ago. But, you need to double-check that the flight is still booked and still on the same date and time as what you have booked it for.

This does happen that a flight is getting canceled because there aren’t enough bookings on the flight. Or, there has been a mistake with your booking. You should make sure that your flight is correct. And, it is much safer to get your ticket in hand, before your flight date. To make sure that you have everything you need. 

Have you visited your doctor for the necessary vaccinations? 

To visit some countries, you need to get some vaccinations. This is to protect yourself and the people around you. You will only know if you need to get a vaccination, after a visit to your doctor. So, you should make sure that you visit the doctor as soon as possible. He will give you the necessary vaccinations and paperwork to confirm that you visited a doctor and that you are cleared. 

With these three things checked, you can now start getting excited about your overseas holiday. These are the three most important things to be checked. Without these things, you will not be able to go overseas. Anything else can be purchased at your destination.